Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Finished

She's Finished,OMG I can't believe it!I am so happy I sat up until 2 last night finishing her off.Hmm photographing was the hard part..I wanted you to see the background with the netting and texture paste it turned out great..I painted it deep pink and black all mottled and the dress is a really deep green shadowing to black..But it was very difficult showing the colours in a photograph AnywayI wanted to thank you all for encouraging me to give it a go again,I am very pleased with myself today!


Lisa said...

looks good painted!makes me want to paint!

Ness said...

Wow!! Chris this is fabulous!! love, love, love her, beautiful. love Ness xx

lizzyc said...

wow this is stunning!! well done!

Jenny Blair said...

Woweeee! She is looking FANTASTIC!!
I'm so delighted to see the finished painting...her lips are AMAZING and her eyes too..VERY sultry! :)
Thats so funny you stayed up till 2! See what happens when you open your fly high and don't want to come back down :)
I truly hope this is the first of MANY :)x

amanda73 said...

omg wow, this is stunning