Monday, January 17, 2011

Family update and some off the page

Sorry i've not blogged this week,life has been a little hectic preparing for David's going away.He has now left and will be  a few weeks before his graduation.
 Here's a little something i've been working on for the The Craft Stand using twiddleybitz.The tree has little flowers on it like peach blossoms , I added since the photo.   


amanda73 said...

i can only imagine how you feel chris.... after all he is your baby...... what an inspirational young man he has turned out to be

love love that thingy you made for the craft stand, just gorgeous

Lisa K said...

Chris - you should be so proud - what a great job you have done raising such a a young boy into such a great man!!!

lizzyc said...

oh Chris.. what an emotional time for you.. yes i can understand how proud you are but then such a big step in letting him go.. all the best to your son and hang in there Chris.. he is a man now, but as mums we always see them as our little boys no matter how old they are..take care..xx

ann said...

Ohh Chris sending you {{HUGS}}
and yes it will be hard for you....but Hey he is doing something worth while with his life. So when you are down and sad just think what a wonderful son you have then smile and it won't seem so bad.
and I just adore your twiddleybitz