Sunday, September 12, 2010

ALICE IN WONDERLAND-original sketch

MY cousin Lisa has a wonderful atc swaps blog readygetsetcraft if you click on the link it will take you there.The theme she has set for october is ALICE IN WONDERLAND Well it inspired me to pull out the pencil again and see if I could come up with my own Alice.She is based on a photo of one of denver's little friends that I took on Saturday,her name is Amy and she is my Alice..I would love to share the photo but as she wasn't at the party with her mum I thought i'd better not as she doesn't even yet know that I photographed her..Mind you they do all pretty much know where I go my camera goes lol.It is just a rough sketch and I may use her for my atc  not sure...I know i promised to draw the winners of the atc on my previous post but i wasn't expeecting to post so quickly so I promise I will do it the very next one.So it's not to late to get your name in before the draw.Its the post right before this one..Thanks for stopping by and for your wonderful comments,I do so love visitors and sharing with friends


amanda73 said...

wow, love your drawing...i will definitely be signing up for that theme