Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Red and green kangaroo paw ... Western Australia floral emblem

I know I wasn't going to but with all my overseas visitors I just had to share a few pics with you..I walked across the road to the school last week.It is surrounded by natural bush,lucky cos I live in Perth metropolitan district.This is our famous western Australian wildflower the Kangaroo paw..You can see why they call it that cant you.Thanks for stopping by!


Jenny Blair said...

Gorgeous flower, quite unusual looking..almost like its from outer space?! :) Speaking of unusual looking, I'm here to warn you I've posted about the softie swap (cookie looking softie alert!) if you want a surprise don't look :)x

Gumnut said...

I love kangaroo paws. I collected a whole bunch for my front garden.

I just thought I'd say hi from the state next door and mention how much I adore the background on your blog. Beautiful colours.

I'm looking forward to reading through your entries.

(who found you today)