Tuesday, October 19, 2010

free vintage background and more ragdolls

Firstly I have a lovely vintage background for you that I created for my previous atc.I had one left over so I thought I would share it incase some of you might like to use it..Just copy right click and save.
Remember I mentioned  my friend Karina was going to have a stall in York this weekend.Well here are the dolls I have made so far for her to sell for me..Well hopefully that is,keep your fingers crossed.


Lizzyc said...

those dolls will sell quickly i reckon.. they are adorable!!

Linda B said...

love the dolls! do you take orders? I would love a "Linda" with black and blue hair, etc :)

ann said...

I am sure they will sell they are so irresistible !!!

sandra said...

thanks for the yummy and those dolls are just tooo cute.
Sure they will sell well.
and I think a 'Linda' doll would be just gorgeous!!! lol

Lisa K said...

OMG Chris - they are beautiful - could you do me a blonde one for P -let me know how much they are!

Julia said...

Thanks so much for the background and what a fabulous dolls you have made!