Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A sketch and mail surprise!

 I've been drawing again and yes I do have a thing for fairies.I was sitting watching Tv and picked up my son's faber castell HB Pencil and off I went. I think i'll call her Rosalie.She looks like a Rosalie to me.thethreemuseschallenge was things with Wings but I think I may be a little later with my entry.
Woohoo and look what i recieved in the post..My softie swap with the the Clip Cafe.She came all the way from Scotland from my lovely new friend Jenny at love and peas creations.Her name is Mumma Frouffle,isn't she just divine.Her back is all frilly also,she is just amazing.The artwork is called "Shower of love" which I fell in love with when I saw it on her blog.Well,some already know but Dad was an Elephant trainer for Wirth's circus when he met Mum,so I have a special thing going on for Elephants also..I lost Dad to Lung cancer a few years back very suddenly as he also had a brain Tumour.
I also recieved a gorgeous Keyring fromJenny .Sorry about the pic as it is overcast and showers here today.Anyway I just wanted to say a special big thankyou to Jenny,I love them all so much and make sure you all go check out Jenny's blog..She is an amazing Artist.


ann said...

Ohhhhh Chris that softie is amazing beautiful detail and colours..
Lucky you!!! xxxx :)

amanda73 said...

wow, lucky you, wow gorgeous.......

smArtee said...

Lovely Fairies..I love them too...but for some reason can never get them right...???I just wanted you to know that when you comment I could not reply becasue you do not have an email in your profile to respond just says..."noreply at blogger" add an email to your profile so commenters can reply back to you...Have a great day..!

Jenny Blair said...

Awww Chris, you are soooo sweet! It's lovely seeing Mumma Frouffle amongst the tropical plants, she'd be freezing her bits of here!!
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your dad..what a beautiful connection with elephants to have xx
I LOVE your fairy, she looks so serene.. :) x

Lisa said...

wow this is AMAZING !! I totally love Mumma Frouffle and ♥ the elephant picture.
Lucky Lady